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Top Five Gateway Horror Films
For almost any kid subjected to the public school system in the United States, you are probably fami
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Brian Yuzna: The Visceral Visionary
For anyone in or around the Los Angeles area next month, you can join Screamfest for our Fears & Beers double feature event on May 6, for a screening of the Brian Yuzna classics Bride of Re-animator and Society.
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The Spawn of a New Season: Babies of Horror
For the majority of the United States, spring has officially sprung. The weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and the promise of new life is all around us.
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The Return of the Creature Feature
With the breakout success of Stranger Things and the plethora of 1980's inspired genre fare popping
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The Grand Guignol: Theatre of Horror
Long before the days of film festivals and conventions, even before the days of celluloid, the primary medium of entertainment was theater.
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The Power of Sound in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The first time I ever heard about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, my mother was talking about how it wa
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