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THE DEAD ZONE Was An Anomaly, But A Good One
One of the many things I learned thanks to the two historian commentary tracks on Scream Factory's blu-ray of THE DEAD ZONE is that the 1979 novel was Stephen King's first one to hit the New York Times Bestseller list.
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Tura Satana - Happy Birthday to the B-Movie Icon
Despite it’s less than favorable reputation, the horror and exploitation genres have long since been an unexpected vehicle for female empowerment.
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Thoughts On The Original (!) Version Of CURSED
Among "can't miss" prospects, few in horror history ever seemed as promising as when it was announced that Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson would reteam for a werewolf film
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MEMORIES OF MURDER And Ambiguous Endings
NOTE: This article contains spoilers for all films mentioned within, including Memories of Murder and the recent The Little Things. Read at your own risk!
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SOUTHLAND TALES Makes A Lot More Sense, Now
Like most people who have seen it, I didn?t know what to make of Southland Tales the first time I wa
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EVENT HORIZON Doesn't Need The Extra Footage
For the past week (give or take three years), people online have been discussing the fabled ?Snyder
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