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Indulge in compelling articles penned by the talented writers of Screamfest.
MEMORIES OF MURDER And Ambiguous Endings
NOTE: This article contains spoilers for all films mentioned within, including Memories of Murder and the recent The Little Things. Read at your own risk!
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SOUTHLAND TALES Makes A Lot More Sense, Now
Like most people who have seen it, I didn?t know what to make of Southland Tales the first time I wa
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EVENT HORIZON Doesn't Need The Extra Footage
For the past week (give or take three years), people online have been discussing the fabled ?Snyder
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Psycho Goreman: A Saturday Morning Cartoon Gorefest
Over the past decade, there has been a welcome shift in the use of CGI when it comes to low budget/independent genre films.
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A Tribute to Christopher Plummer
Ever since Ridley Scott made the unprecedented decision to replace Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer in All The Money in the World
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The Future is Fungus
Any time a major historical event takes place, it is not unusual to see a wave of predictions from the horror media and fanbase regarding the next trend in content.
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