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23rd Annual Screamfest® Horror Film Festival Announces 2023 Lineup
The Los Angeles-based horror festival will open with Eddie Alcazar’s Mind-Bending  Phenomenon DIVINITY from Utopia and Sumerian.
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Happy Birthday, Tom Holland!
A few days ago a small private celebration was put together by family-like friends Amber Mullinex and Jack Ulrich for Tom Holland (FRIGHT NIGHT) hosted by our very good friends Sarah Nicklin and Sean Decker.
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Screamfest is pleased to announce the 2022 screenplay competition semi-finalists, top five finalists and the winning screenplay. 
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Giovannie Espiritu Interview
Giovannie Espiritu is named "one of the Most Influential Filipina Women in the World" by The Filipina Women's Network.
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You Won't Be Alone Advanced Screening in LA- Thurs. March 31st
You and a guest are invited to an in-person screening of YOU WON'T BE ALONE, which premiered to critical acclaim at this year's Sundance Film Festival
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KRAMPUS Gets Naughtier

Ask the average genre fan what their favorite Christmas horror film is, and you'll probably hear

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