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Happy Birthday, Tom Holland!

This year one of our very own beloved American horror directors/writers turns 80!


A few days ago a small private celebration was put together by family-like friends Amber Mullinex and Jack Ulrich for Tom Holland (FRIGHT NIGHT) hosted by our very good friends Sarah Nicklin and Sean Decker.

As we get older we take a seat and take in everyone and everything around us as it changes and evolves. When we have the people that we love together in a room celebrating us it reminds us of what we have done in life to influence or helped shape a path for others outside of our own creating nostalgia, and that is sometimes the best kind of gift one can give.

A gift that at Screamfest we strive to continuously do our best to give and keep alive. Which is why we tested the waters and brought in a 35mm camera (Canon AE1 1981) with none other than Frankenstein Film created by Film Photography Project.

Enjoy the images and see who you recognize above!


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