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Screamfest Articles

Indulge in compelling articles penned by the talented writers of Screamfest.
The Return of the Creature Feature
With the breakout success of Stranger Things and the plethora of 1980's inspired genre fare popping
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The Grand Guignol: Theatre of Horror
Long before the days of film festivals and conventions, even before the days of celluloid, the primary medium of entertainment was theater.
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The Power of Sound in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The first time I ever heard about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, my mother was talking about how it wa
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Quintessential Cronenberg: Happy Birthday to the Master of Body Horror
Often considered to be the master of “body horror”, David Cronenberg has spent the last four decades constructing a signature style that is often copied but rarely matched.
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5 Films Set in a Movie Theater Pt. 2
All right folks, as promised, I wanted to follow up last week’s list with five more picks of films that take place in movie theaters.
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Five Horror Films set in Movie Theaters Part 1
As the largest and longest running horror film festival in the United States, we here at Screamfest
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