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Quintessential Cronenberg: Happy Birthday to the Master of Body Horror
Often considered to be the master of “body horror”, David Cronenberg has spent the last four decades constructing a signature style that is often copied but rarely matched.
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5 Films Set in a Movie Theater Pt. 2
All right folks, as promised, I wanted to follow up last week’s list with five more picks of films that take place in movie theaters.
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Five Horror Films set in Movie Theaters Part 1
As the largest and longest running horror film festival in the United States, we here at Screamfest
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Jackie Kong: The Queen of Camp
Seeing as how we are counting down the last few days of February, I’m going to take this opportunity to celebrate one more woma
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Top Five Short Films Directed By Women
What’s better than a scary movie? A much shorter scary movie! Well okay, maybe not, but it will impinge on your highly coveted spare time much less. So, in honor of the weekly releases of short films on the Screamfest Youtube page, and of course Women in Horror month, here are five spine-tingling short films directed by women:
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Ode to Debra Hill
Growing up with the admittedly ambitious dream of becoming a horror filmmaker, I accepted pretty early on that female role models were few and far between.
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