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Top Five Ultimate Shark Films
Every summer, I, and anyone else with good taste in television, hunker down for a week full of Discovery Channel’s best shark-filled programming.
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RIP George Romero: A Look Back at Martin
This past Sunday, we experienced yet another crippling tragedy in the horror community. The death of
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James Whale: Defender of Monsters
In the history of cinema, there are very few icons that rival Frankenstein’s monster and his bride. They are instantly and internationally identifiable.
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Top Four Shoestring Budget Horror Films
Making a film can be a daunting venture for most people. There will always be a reason (or many) to not do it.
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Top Five Christian Theology Horror Films of the 90's
The 1990’s are often thought of as having relatively little to contribute in the way of quality genre films. While I can see the truth in this, I think there were some very special and unique films to emerge from the decade, especially within the confines of the unique subgenres that emerged.
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The Real Unsolved Murders of Lake Bodom
During Screamfest 2016, a young actress by the name of Mimosa Willamo won our award for Best Actress for her performance in the Finnish film Lake Bodom, or simply Bodom, the third feature for talented director Taneli Mustonen.
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