OCTOBER 10 - 19th, 2017 - HOLLYWOOD, CA


Attention Screenwriters & Filmmakers - The 2017 Festival is OPEN for Submissions

Screamfest the largest and longest running horror film festival in the United States is accepting submissions of horror, sci-fi & thriller films and screenplays for the 17th annual Horror Film Festival taking place October 2017 in Hollywood, CA.

Enter Your Screenplay - Click the link below to review the screenplay submission guidelines and submit your screenplay Submit Screenplay .

Enter Your Film - Click the link below to review the film submission guidelines and submit your film Submit Film .

Our festival filmmakers & screenwriters have some great testimonials about their Screamfest experience. Read success stories from some of our amazing Screamfest alumni here.

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Screamfest accepts feature & short films from around the world. The 2017 call for entries for film is now OPEN.


The 2017 call for entries for screenplays is now OPEN. Click here for the submission guidelines.


Screamfest Horror Film Festival is the largest and longest running horror film festival in the United States. This year we celebrate our 17th year in Hollywood.


2017 Celebrates our 17th year. Please join us for a screaming good time in October for 10 days of some of the best horror films from around the world!

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The Power of Sound in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


The first time I ever heard about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, my mother was talking about how it was the most brutal, gory movie she had ever seen. By the time I got around to actually seeing the film, it was much to my surprise, although brutal as it was, it had little to no blood. Even the majority of the violence is implied. So what was it that had my Mom so convinced that she had seen a bloodbath? The biggest contributing factor was the power of sound design. As a horror fan, I have come to appreciate the importance and potential of sound design in a very unique way.

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Quintessential Cronenberg: Happy Birthday to the Master of Body Horror


Often considered to be the master of “body horror”, David Cronenberg has spent the last four decades constructing a signature style that is often copied but rarely matched. His visceral visual style and directing talent make for a great filmmaker but Cronenberg’s ability to creatively and critically observe humanity through his films make him as close to a contemporary philosopher as filmmakers really get. Exploration seems to be the goal of his films.

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5 Films Set in a Movie Theater Pt. 2


All right folks, as promised, I wanted to follow up last week’s list with five more picks of films that take place in movie theaters. Just a warning, I do go off the rails a bit on this list. A couple of the films are not single location and stray quite a bit from the theater setting, but bear with me.

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On sale now for the 2017 Festival this October 10 - 19th in Hollywood, CA.

It's never too soon for HORROR! That is why our festival passes are on sale now!

2016 FESTIVAL WINNERSTake a look at the award winning films that won the amazing Stan Winston designed Skull Award.