Los Angeles Premiere
Run Time: 
It’s getting late on a Friday night and Ralph is keen to get out of the office, but the boss won’t let him. No big deal, right?
Directed by: 
Craig D. Foster
Produced by: 
Craig D. Foster & Emma McKenna
Executive Producer(s): 
David Opitz
Written by: 
Craig D. Foster & Emma McKenna
Main Cast: 
Aaron Glenane, Adam Dunn, Ainslie Clouston & Arka Das

About the Director

Craig D. Foster Craig is a self-made filmmaker who started out shooting nerdy sketch comedy shorts at university. In 2011 Craig self-funded, wrote and directed the multi-award winning short family drama Parrot. Two years later Craig’s short action screenplay Trunk, developed with writer/brother Derek Foster, received the Australian Writer’s Guild Monte Miller Award – for Best Unproduced Screenplay. That same year Craig also produced the highly successful LGBT web series Love Bytes; which has accumulated over 6 million views on YouTube. Craig began work on Overtime in 2015. The horror/comedy concept was inspired by films such as Shaun of the Dead and Drag me to Hell and by his desire to return to his roots in comedy and high-concept filmmaking. Overtime was shot and completed w...read more