Macabre Night | SCREAMFEST

Macabre Night

Los Angeles Premiere
Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - 9:30pm
Run Time: 
20 minutes
During a nighttime transfer, maximum security inmates escape and head for a small town. The authorities call on citizens to assist in the capture of the fugitives—by any means necessary—offering a large cash reward. Amid the chaos that ensues, a young couple in crisis tries to stay alive.
Directed by: 
Felipe Iesbick
Produced by: 
Clara Moraes
Executive Producer(s): 
Júlia Cazarré
Written by: 
Felipe Iesbick
Main Cast: 
Martha Brito, Tom Peres, Renata de Lélis, Renata Stein, Marcello Crawshaw, Cristian Verardi, Oscar Simch.
Felipe Iesbick - Director
About the Director(s): 

Felipe Iesbick has been acting professionally as a director, screenwriter and editor since 2013.

His first short film, the action comedy, “The Matador from Bagé” won the awards for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Music at the 41st Gramado Film Festival. “The Matador from Bagé” also participated in other national festivals, among them MOSCA - Audiovisual Exhibition of Cambuquira - MG (Best Film Midnight Session – Audience Award) and some international film festivals such as the 35th more