World Premiere
Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 9:00pm
Run Time: 
11m 23s
Terribly late, the prominent scientist leaves the laboratory. She's stressed and absent-minded when she arrives home. Her boyfriend has prepared a special dinner for them. He tries to cheer her up, but her mind is elsewhere. What happened in the lab? Her experiment will have unexpected consequences for her and her boyfriend. "Dublika" is a science-fiction thriller produced in Sweden, in the fictitious german language brzni. A scientist whose life is suddenly threatened, finds herself literally to be in the way of her own happiness.
Directed by: 
Gustav F Andersson & Henric Wallmark
Produced by: 
Henric Wallmark
Written by: 
Gustav F Andersson & Henric Wallmark
Main Cast: 
Suzanna Dilber Jude Ehiwe

About the Director

Gustav F Andersson & Henric WallmarkGustav F Andersson, born 1988, is a Swedish journalist and comic book artist based in Stockholm. He works as a editor at the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter and his comics has been published in magazines and books in Sweden and Norway. ”Dublika” is his debut as a director and screen writer.

Henric Wallmark, born 1982, is a Swedish artist and short film director, residing in Selånger. He received his BA in character animation from the Animation Workshop/VIA University, Denmark, in 2008. He has made over 50 short films and music videos.