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In the Mirrors

Screens With Sanzaru and the following short films: Hammurabi | In the Mirrors | Meat Lovers | The Mime | Sound of Silence | Ten Shots

Los Angeles Premiere
Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 1:30am
Run Time: 
In town for a job interview, Clara discovers she has much bigger problems than a nerve-wracking meeting when her AirBnB turns out to be haunted by invisible creatures.
Directed by: 
Merlin Camozzi
Produced by: 
Merlin Camozzi, Kris Cvijetic, Julia Swain, Molvatu Sae-Ue
Written by: 
Merlin Camozzi
Main Cast: 
Nicole Tompkins, Mia Drake, Jonathan Groves, Lize Johnston, Andy Norris
About the Director(s): 

Merlin Camozzi is a filmmaker creating work both independently and on behalf of global brands such as Sprite, Coca-Cola, Uber, Morgan Stanley and ARRI. Merlin’s work has been featured in publications including Vice, Out Magazine, Booooooom, Flaunt Magazine, and Director’s Notes, and his short films have shown at festivals around the world. Awards received include the Cirque du Soleil Emerging Artist Fellowship and the MPAA Directing Award. Recently, Merlin was selected as a directing fellow more