I love Eve

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US Premiere
Run Time: 
16 min 36 sec
Nastya has only one friend called Eve. A dark creature living in a tunnel at an abandoned hydroelectric station. One day, the girl decides to escape from her mother and her new lover, but Eve comes to their house.
Directed by: 
Kristina Manzhula
Produced by: 
Vladislav Severtsev
Executive Producer(s): 
Olga Sysoeva
Written by: 
Kristina Manzhula, Marina Glushkina
Main Cast: 
Diana Shulmina, Julia Silaeva
About the Director(s): 

Kristina Manzhula - 28 year old director, screenwriter, ex-journalist based in Moscow. A graduate of the Moscow Film School. She made her debut short film, a zombie comedy called Brainsmoothie on a preparatory course at 2017.
"I love Eve" is the diploma film shot in 2020 in collaboration with a famous Russian horror producer Vladislav Severtsev.