US Premiere
Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 4:00pm
Run Time: 
Amandine is a kind, extroverted Postdoc student who is living temporarily at a student residence. Oscar is the doctor who works at the infirmary, as well as her friend. As the rest of the students leave the residence for the holidays, Amandine is forced to stay on a few more days to finish her Postdoc. Her relationship with Oscar intensifies. When the day arrives for Amandine to leave, Oscar finds an unusual way for Amandine to stay with him, perhaps forever...
Directed by: 
J.C. Mostaza
Produced by: 
M. Prada, K. Prada, J. Prada, J.C. Mostaza, P. López
Executive Producer(s): 
M. Prada, K. Prada, J. Prada, J.C. Mostaza, P. López
Written by: 
J.C. Mostaza
Main Cast: 
Mariam Hernández, Javier Pereira
About the Director(s): 

J.C. Mostaza is a computer engineer and has a PhD in Audiovisual Communication. He began in the world of CGI and VFX, receiving more than 100 international awards for his short 3D animation films: Broken Wire (2006), Casitas (2008) and Down to the Wire (2016). He has been nominated for the Goya Awards, has won the Biznaga de Plata at the Malaga Festival, the Premio Feroz cinemaJove, and so on. He is currently a founding member of the production company The Cathedral Media Productions S.L. In more