The Labyrinth | SCREAMFEST

The Labyrinth

World Premiere
Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 11:00am
Run Time: 
1 hour 30 mins
An alcoholic father is given a final chance to redeem himself by a mysterious barkeep. A Mandroid (part man, part android) desperately searches for energy before his battery power dies. A new homeowner stumbles upon the secrets of the universe in his very own basement. The stories within The Labyrinth are sure to provoke, inspire and entertain audiences.
Directed by: 
Kaushik Sampath, Quyen Nguyen Le, Tarek Tohme, Katrelle Kindred, Victoria Rose, Camila Tanabe, John Berado and Jessica Kaye
Produced by: 
Nicolaas Bertelsen, Gil Marsden and Sev Ohanian
Executive Producer(s): 
James Franco and Vince Jolivette
Written by: 
Rosanne Flynn, Taylor Martin, Jordan Trippeer, Kristen Davila, Robert Funke, Matthew Sanchez, and Anna Musky-Goldwyn
Main Cast: 
Josh Peck, Jason Ritter, Jim Parrack, Matt Lucas, Beth Grant, Mia Serafino, Nicole LaLiberte, Carmen Argenziano, Flavor Flav, Dale Raoul, Gary Bairos, Gina Comparetto, Angela Gulner, George Oliver Hale, Alberto Jorrin, Lindsay Lavanchy, Bob McLean, Cynthia Kaye McWilliams, Joseph P. O’Malley and James Franco himself.

About the Director

The LabyrinthThe Labyrinth is a bold new feature-length film by James Franco and Vince Jolivette’s Rabbit Bandini Productions, made in partnership with USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Eight students were selected to direct eight original short films as part of a class that was taught by Franco and Jolivette. Upon completion, the shorts were combined into a single, cohesive, feature-length experience, along with animated interstitial sequences created by USC Animation student Einar Baldvin.

Vincent by Kaushik Sampath, Cliffside Bend by Quyen Nguyen Le, The Sweet Taste of Redemption by Tarek Tohme, Alchemy by Katrelle Kindred, Mandroid by Victoria Rose, more