La Piedad

La Piedad


Shorts Program 2: Black Sugar, Luna, The Storm, The Old Woman in the Woods, La Piedad, Mullet Gut, Sulfuric

World Premiere
Sunday, October 13, 2013 - 9:45pm
Run Time: 
9m 45s
Eight year old Federico lives with his father in a meagre apartment in Mexico City. His father devotes his days to sleep and work, keeping young Federico away from a carefully-guarded, locked door, behind which lies his mother.
Directed By: 
Mariela Martínez S.
Produced By: 
Mario Bustillo
Written By: 
Mariela Martínez S.
Main Cast: 
Emilio Ridderstrom, Fernando Silva & Daniela González

About the Director

Mariela Martinez Mariela Martínez (23) was born and raised in Mexico City. She studied in the New York Film Academy and recently graduated from Centro university in Mexico City where she developed La Piedad as her final proyect. She loves her dog, likes to travel, eat good food, listen to heavy metal and watching gory suspenseful movies.