Night of the Little Dead | SCREAMFEST

Night of the Little Dead

World Premiere
Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 10:00pm
Run Time: 
11 mins
It's the little things that getcha. Two old fishing buddies, Kickstand (Bill Moseley) and Bob (James Hurley), throw back a couple of beers at the local bar and bait shop while checking out the view, Sadie the busty brunette that served them (Erica Taylor). She's about to whip up their catch of the day when the doors fly open and two men covered in blood stumble in, Dan (Adam Savage) and his friend Dave-O (Penn Jillette). Bob mistakenly goes to investigate what's outside and opens the door to a little undead creature (Martin Klebba). With only fishing gear in reach, Dan and Kickstand work together to save Sadie and the town from the Little Dead.
Directed by: 
Frank Ippolito and Ezekiel Zabrowski
Produced by: 
Peter Podgursky and Frank Ippolito
Written by: 
Ezekiel Zabrowski
Main Cast: 
Penn Jillette, Adam Savage, Bill Moseley, Martin Kelbba, Ed Herrmann, James Hurley, Aye Jaye, Gary Morgan, and Erica Taylor