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Insidious “Into the Further” Poster

Insidious “Into the Further” 4D Experience


Enter for your chance to RSVP for tickets to the INTO THE FURTHER 4D experience (while supplies last) in Los Angeles taking place Friday 5/15, Saturday 5/16, Sunday 5/17.

Experience the world of INSIDIOUS like you never have before. The “Into The Further 4D Experience” is a fully-immersive experience that will take you physically and virtually into the world of INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3.

Lin Shaye will be your guide on an intense 4D experience that will bend your perception of what is ‘real’ and what is ‘the further.’ Think of this as the evolution of the haunted house experience – a place where analog meets digital.

INTO THE FURTHER is a walk-through haunted house with a unique virtual reality / oculus rift component, which creates a truly scary ‘ride’ that has never been done before. And just when you think the experience is over, you’ll realize it’s only just begun.


INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 in theaters June 5

For your chance to RSVP for tickets to the INTO THE FURTHER 4D experience (while supplies last) go to and use Promo Code: ISCREAM98481LA



-Click on desired date for Los Angeles – either Friday or Saturday or Sunday.
-Click on “Enter Promo Code” and insert promo code for access.
-Pick the time period to attend.
No purchase necessary. While Supplies last. Supplies are limited.

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