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Watchful Eye

Watchful Eye - Sat, Oct 15, 2022 - 2:30PM
Film Info
United Kingdom
Directed by
Kris J. Cummins
Produced by
Ronnie Brodie and Kris J. Cummins
Written by
Kris J. Cummins
Main Cast
Hazel Beattie, Paul Donnelly, Leah Henderson
Shorts Included
Short Block

Short Block 2

Short Film

A mother and daughter face a night of terror when a strange man hacks into their home CCTV.


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Kris J....Read more
Kris J. Cummins is an up and coming horror filmmaker from the creepiest little village in Scotland - as well as being the UFO capital of the United Kingdom. Given this, it's only natural Kris fell in love with horror movies. His horror shorts have been screened at prestigious horror festivals such as FrightFest, as well as being handpicked to stream on BBC iPlayer. The Skinny magazine chose his short horror Decor as one of the ten best short films of 2019 and screened it as part of their festival. Kris has also been commissioned to write and direct horror shorts for the BBC including his satirical horror comedy Tales from the Pub. His work favours genuine chills and terror over violence with a real emphasis on relatable characters and everyday settings. Read less
"Always make the audience suffer as much as possible" - Alfred Hitchcock
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