ZTV Sympathy for the Devil | SCREAMFEST

ZTV Sympathy for the Devil

Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 16, 2021 - 4:15pm
Run Time: 
DOUGLAS SIKES, a convicted war criminal from the American Zombie War, runs a black-market trading ring from the bowels of a walled-in quarantine zone turned for-profit prison. He and the other prisoners live under the watchful eye of the ZTV broadcasting company, and at the whim of THE PREZERVE, a capital punishment reality game show that uses zombies, and horrific devices, to torture, infect, and execute prisoners and their families on prime time network television. PAUL, and his daughter, LILY, arrive at Doug’s home to find him grief-stricken and consumed with rage after his daughter Steffie’s gruesome episode has broadcast her terrible fate for all the world to see. Paul and Lily find themselves in the cross-fire as Doug readies to unleash bloody vengeance on the institution and the vengeful woman who has oppressed him.
Directed by: 
Jason Ragosta
Produced by: 
Marisa Garay
Written by: 
Jason Ragosta
Main Cast: 
Thomas Cokenias, Daniel Sullivan, Mitch Costanza, Cheyenne Costanza, Emilie Germain, MacCallister Byrd, Molly Raterman, Teresa Navarro, L. Jeffrey Moore, Colleen Carey
Jason Ragosta writer, director
About the Director(s): 

Jason Ragosta was born in Connecticut. He attended the Maryland Institute, College of Art and started working in stop motion animation at Wreckless Abandon Studios as a storyboard/concept artist and assistant cameraman, before moving to the West coast to work in film. Jason then went on to manage a sound stage at the Academy of Art, University in San Francisco for actress, Diane Baker (Marnie, Silence of the Lambs) before working for a year as a Production Assistant in the editorial producti...read more