Screens with the feature film Bring Out The Fear

Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 16, 2021 - 2:15pm
Run Time: 
11 min 5 sec
United States
"user_" is a screenlife short about a Bubbly camgirl, Amber, who is menaced during a private chat by a mysterious and frightening user.
Directed by: 
Alex Montilla
Produced by: 
Alex Montilla
Written by: 
Alex Montilla
Main Cast: 
Amber Kellehan David Rubin
Alex Montilla
About the Director(s): 

I've been making movies since high school. When my friends and I took over the morning announcements, we saw an opportunity to make short films for a captive audience...and by that, I mean an audience that literally HAD to watch; the entire school was held hostage by our silliness. Out of necessity, I learned the basics of filmmaking: acting, writing, directing, editing, visual effects, name it; I was the Robert Rodriguez of morning announcements.

All of these skills more