The Rickety Man | SCREAMFEST

The Rickety Man

North American Premiere
Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 2:15pm
Run Time: 
United States
Edward, a distant widower discovering his children are grieving their mother's death in their own terrifying way, after having met a mysterious entity in the woods.
Directed by: 
Cameron Gallagher
Produced by: 
Zack Porlier, Cameron Gallagher, Jeremiah Lewis
Executive Producer(s): 
Paul Grammatico, David Dammerman, Cameron Gallagher, Kurtis Martin, Linda Porlier
Written by: 
Jeremiah Lewis
Main Cast: 
Ava Torres Russell Shealy Wyatt Cary Allison GiamBruno
About the Director(s): 

Cameron was raised in Upstate New York, where his passion for filmmaking began with a VHS camcorder creating short skits with his brother, Grant. During Highschool and beyond, Cameron has made hundreds of skits, shorts, commercials, and wedding videos since then, including Crypt TV's "The Forgotten" & "The Alive" under his production company with producing partner Zack Porlier. The whole team coming together, helped Cameron step up for the biggest short to date, The Rickety Man.