A Real Killjoy | SCREAMFEST

A Real Killjoy

Los Angeles Premiere
Friday, October 15, 2021 - 9:45pm
Run Time: 
3 minutes
United States
Sam Jones is stuck in a zombie apocalyptic world and surrounded by incapable survivors. She may have found love, but she's got a zombie to contend with, and her surprise guest does her no favors.
Directed by: 
Tara Erickson
Produced by: 
Idiot Army Productions
Executive Producer(s): 
Tara Erickson
Written by: 
Tara Erickson
Main Cast: 
Tara Erickson, Mary O'Neil, Ivan Djurovic, and Sidney Cumbie.
Tara Erickson
About the Director(s): 

Tara Erickson is an actor/comedian who also writes and directs. She has a background in improvisation and sketch comedy, which is apparent in her commercial work and can also be seen on her YouTube channel.

Her award-winning film, "Prime Of Your Life," has awarded her 4 Best Actress awards and is making its festival rounds throughout 2021-2022, along with "A Real Killjoy". The sequel to A REAL KILLJOY is set for a Fall 2021 release.

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