My Condition | SCREAMFEST

My Condition

World Premiere
Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 4:30pm
Run Time: 
Walking home alone at night is not a tasteful dish for any woman. Nor for Sofia, who must wait at the stop for her bus to arrive. When a tired art teacher arrives there is a conversation between them in which nobody is who they say they are.
Directed by: 
Coke Arijo
Produced by: 
Silvia Bermúdez Cañete
Written by: 
Silvia Bermúdez, Javier Arón
Main Cast: 
Noemí Ruiz, Jaime Ordóñez
About the Director(s): 

After graduating in Audiovisual Communication and finishing his film studies, he worked as a freelance filmmaker for more than a decade. In 2019 he directed his first documentary entitled “The three steps”. Now he premieres “My condition”, his first fiction short film