Mask of the Evil Apparition | SCREAMFEST

Mask of the Evil Apparition

Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 2:15pm
Run Time: 
21 minutes
Olivia, a young woman with no memory, searches a deserted nocturnal city looking for something or someone. Only problem is she can’t remember who or what. She encounters twin brothers Angelo #1 and Angelo #2 who may be her salvation, but Angelo #1 warns her that the “Mysterious Ones,” a nefarious group of clones, are after her for some unknown reason. And Sandra, a woman in disguise, also offers to help, but can she be trusted? A short film about identity, by Alex Proyas, made with virtual production. A story from the cinematic universe created by Proyas with his own Dark City (1998).
Directed by: 
Alex Proyas
Produced by: 
Alex Proyas and Jim Robison
Written by: 
Alex Proyas
Main Cast: 
Bonnie Ferguson - Olivia, Dean Kyrwood - Angelo #1/Angelo #2, Alex King - Sandra, Goran D. Kleut - the "Mysterious Ones"
Alex Proyas
About the Director(s): 

Egyptian-born, Australian film director/writer/producer, Alex Proyas grew up in inner-city Sydney. A passion for film from an early age, his early shorts were acclaimed, including numerous outstanding short film awards and nominations at London, Melbourne, Cannes et al international film festivals.
He made his first feature, SPIRITS OF THE AIR; GREMLINS OF THE CLOUDS in 1989 and in 1994 he completed THE CROW, starring Brandon Lee, which went on to major critical & commercial more