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Let the Wrong One In

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"....Conor McMahon's latest cinematic venture tells a joyously entertaining tale of family and forgiveness with extra bite." - Kat Hughes - THN

West Coast Premiere
Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
101 min
Let the Wrong One In follows young supermarket worker Matt, who is a little too nice for his own good. When he discovers that his older, estranged brother Deco has turned into a vampire, he's faced with a dilemma: Will he risk his own life to help his sibling, with blood being thicker than water? Or will he stake him before he spreads the infection further? The film stars upcoming Irish talent Karl Rice and Eoin Duffy, along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer icon Anthony Head, in the role of Henry; a taxi driver with a sideline in vampire hunting.
Directed by: 
Conor McMahon
Produced by: 
Trisha Flood, Ruth Treacy, Julianne Forde, Michael Lavelle
Written by: 
Conor McMahon
Main Cast: 
Karl Rice, Eoin Duffy, Anthony Head, Mary Murray
Conor McMahon
About the Director(s): 

Conor McMahon is an Irish filmmaker. His graduate film from The National Film School, The Braineater won a number of awards including best film at Sitges in 2001. His follow up short film Splat Chat had over 6 million views on Crypt TV. Since then Conor has directed 4 feature films, Dead Meat, Stitches, From the Dark and most recently Let the Wrong One In.

He has also worked on various TV series including the extremely popular comedy series Republic of Telly for the Irish National Bro...read more