Screens with the short film AS GOOD AS DEAD
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US Premiere
Friday, October 15, 2021 - 5:00pm
Run Time: 
107 min
When children are left at Grandma's without smartphones they’re bored to tears. That is until Granny finds them loads to do. She also tells them about a magical creature named KRATT that’ll do whatever its master says. When they stumble upon an instruction on how to build one they don’t hesitate. All they have to do now is to buy a soul from the devil…
Directed by: 
Rasmus Merivoo
Produced by: 
Rain Rannu, Tõnu Hiielaid
Written by: 
Rasmus Merivoo
Main Cast: 
Mari Lill, Ivo Uukkivi, Jan Uuspõld, Paul Purga, Nora Merivoo, Harri Merivoo
About the Director(s): 

Director Rasmus Merivoo is one of the most unique Estonian filmmakers in recent times. His film school short “Alien — saving Valdis in 11 chapters” became an instant cult classic because of its bold and original storytelling. After shooting a debut feature “Buratino” in Russia he moved into TV to direct a season of the popular horror series “Süvahavva”