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As Good as Dead

Screens with the feature film KRATT

No Premiere
Friday, October 15, 2021 - 5:00pm
Run Time: 
A horribly sweet tale with Zombies and 80's music, what's not to love??
Directed by: 
Dave Reda
Produced by: 
Sarah Gordon, Dave Reda, Michael Shugrue
Written by: 
Dave Reda
Main Cast: 
Ashley Mary, Dani Sciacca, Jeffrey Damnit
Dave Reda
About the Director(s): 

Otherwise known as Zombie Dave, this dreadfully awesome film maker is responsible for the feature horror film BIT PARTS, and short films, The Horror of our Love: A Short Film, My Undeadly, Rotting Love, and more. Dave is excited to bring his latest creation, AS GOOD AS DEAD to the horror fans. Teaming up with the amazing make up artist from BONEYARD FX, to make a very unique project. With zombies and 80's music what's not to love? Dave has made a career of carving his own unique bloody niche more