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Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman

Q&A with director Daniel Farrands, Lydia Hearst, Andrew Biernat, Ashley Atwood, Nick Vallelonga, Joseph Schwartz

US Premiere
Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
85 min.
Based on a little-known chapter in the life of America's most notorious female serial killer, "Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeyman" takes place in 1976 when 21-year-old Aileen (Peyton List) arrives in Florida attempting to escape her tragic past. Soon she marries wealthy yacht club president Lewis Fell (Tobin Bell) who offers her the chance to become part of Florida's high society. Ultimately, the victimized Aileen surrenders to her murderous impulses and wreaks havoc on the peaceful seaside community of Deland, Florida.
Directed by: 
Daniel Farrands
Produced by: 
Lucas Jarach, Daniel Farrands, Meadow Williams, Swen Temmel, Luke Daniels, Daniel Davila
Executive Producer(s): 
Nicolas Chartier, Jonathan Deckter, Lydia Hearst, Alan Pao
Written by: 
Main Cast: 
Peyton List, Lydia Hearst, Tobin Bell, Nick Vallelonga, Swen Temmel, Meadow Williams, Andrew Biernat
About the Director(s): 

Daniel Farrands sold his first screenplay to TriStar Pictures (a modern version of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow") when he was only 18 years old. By the age of 24, his passion for the "Halloween" franchise landed him his dream assignment: to write Dimension Films’ HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS, which starred the late, great Donald Pleasence in his final outing as the iconic "Dr. Sam Loomis," and Paul Rudd in his feature film debut.

Daniel has worked steadily as a writer, more