A Wake

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Los Angeles Premiere
Run Time: 
7 minutes
Three sisters struggle to hide how their father's death haunts them.
Directed by: 
Lauren Brown
Produced by: 
Megan Halpern & Terry Huang
Written by: 
Lauren Brown
Main Cast: 
Alexandria Collins, Savannah Jackson, Amaka Obiechie, Elester Latham
About the Director(s): 

Lauren Brown is a filmmaker and film lover from Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Columbia University and started her career as a producer at Turner Classic Movies & FilmStruck. Lauren moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue a directing career. She worked for Franklin Leonard at The Black List and Jill Soloway at Topple, developing pitches and navigating the realities of the industry. Currently, she is producing a film podcast for the Exactly Right Podcast Network and creating video con...read more