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Out of Order

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World Premiere
Monday, October 12, 2020 - 1:30am
Run Time: 
17 minutes, 5 seconds
United States
In 1946 New York City, three total strangers board their first-ever automatic elevator. When it lowers them into a strange world of darkness and danger, they must find a way to escape.
Directed by: 
Brandon & Cameron Laventure
Produced by: 
Brandon Laventure and Alexander Wiske
Written by: 
Brandon & Cameron Laventure
Main Cast: 
Aimé Donna Kelly Larry Bull Ian Unterman
Cameron & Brandon Laventure
About the Director(s): 

Brandon Laventure is a filmmaker who finds inspiration in the struggle we all share: to do right by each other in a dangerous world. While working the graveyard shift in a Michigan auto parts factory, he wrote, produced, and directed six independent films with his sister Cameron and a close team of friends, before moving on to a dual MBA/MFA program at New York University.

Cameron Laventure is an award-winning writer/director who aims to use classical narrative to tell radical stories....read more