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The Last Man on Earth

Screens with INITIATION and the following short films: Axe To The Face | Guest | The Last Man on Earth | Regret

Los Angeles Premiere
Friday, October 9, 2020 - 4:00am
Run Time: 
New Zealand
As a young television news reporter, Annie Harper covered the exciting story of “Evolution 2”; the vaccine that promised to eradicate all birth defects in an attempt to achieve genetic perfection. Now, in the aftermath of a resultant global pandemic, Annie is a sole survivor who shelters in the devastatingly lonely spaces of the television studios, broadcasting a desperate message in the hope of finding other survivors. Her enormous relief at discovering she’s not alone quickly becomes a new fight for life and she is forced to question what makes a human worthy of survival. Who would you trust to be mankind’s last hope?
Directed by: 
April Phillips
Produced by: 
Godiva Productions
Executive Producer(s): 
April Phillips
Written by: 
April Phillips
Main Cast: 
Greer Phillips Shane Bartle Duncan Armstrong April Phillips
April Phillips
About the Director(s): 

British born, award-winning international writer/director April Phillips has an acclaimed history of writing for theatre and radio and since completing her Masters Degree in Scriptwriting (International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University of Wellington), she has focussed on film. She is one of the most licensed playwrights in New Zealand. April has garnered numerous international awards and nominations for both stage and screen works and highlights include the Special Jury more