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US Premiere
Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 4:00am
Run Time: 
The forest is suspiciously quiet. The wind rustles softly through the leaves, the sun reflects on the moist soil, no animals can be seen. The only thing that disturbs this peace is the panting of two jogging teenagers. When they reach an open space, the tension suddenly arises.
Directed by: 
Steffen Geypens
Produced by: 
Steffen Geypens
Written by: 
Steffen Geypens
Main Cast: 
Mona Lahousse, Brecht Dael
Steffen Geypens
About the Director(s): 

Besides working as a Post Producer for award-winning production company Caviar, Steffen decided to return to his original passion a few years ago. His previous shorts 'Hold Back' and 'Silent Campine' got selected for more than 100 festivals worldwide and received numerous awards. His third film in four years, BOS, is an experimental fantasy short that will take your breath away. Steffen is currently developing two feature films that will further explore the mysterious horror vibe of his more