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Los Angeles Premiere
Monday, October 12, 2020 - 4:00am
Run Time: 
14 Minutes
Becky, a bullied teen, wants to be Steph and Ariel’s friend, but when she learns that these popular girls are responsible for a nasty rumor about her father, she seeks revenge. Becky and her dad take matters into their own hands... and relish every part.
Directed by: 
Nicole Ihasz
Produced by: 
Marco De Molina
Executive Producer(s): 
Cathleen Ihasz, Alastair Ramsden, Garret Blutter
Written by: 
Nicole Ihasz
Main Cast: 
Brian Krause, Joi Liaye, Katrina Schmidt, Becca Bell
Nicole Ihasz
About the Director(s): 

Nicole Ihasz is a Writer/Director/Producer, and co-founder of Raptor Films, a boutique film-finance and production company. Through Raptor Films, Nicole has executive produced numerous films including OTHER PEOPLE, POMS, THE REVIVAL, FREAK SHOW, and EATING OUR WAY TO EXTINCTION (coming soon).

In 2019, Raptor Films shifted focus to developing original, independent content. The company currently has a variety of features and television series under development, several of which are more