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The Appointment

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Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 10, 2020 - 2:00am
Run Time: 
19 min 50 sec
United Kingdom/ United States
In this playful, supernatural tale by visual artist Alexandre Singh, a curmudgeonly novelist, Henry Salt, wakes from a nightmare to find a troubling entry in his diary: 12 o’clock at the restaurant ‘La Folie’. But whom is Henry meeting, and why doesn’t he remember making this appointment? When no one shows, Henry becomes obsessed with solving the mystery. Charging through a series of increasingly surreal encounters, Henry discovers that the truth is more disturbing than he could have possibly imagined.
Directed by: 
Alexandre Singh
Produced by: 
Natalie Musteata, Louise Palmkvist, Mike Elliott
Written by: 
Alexandre Singh
Main Cast: 
Samuel Crane, David Bamber, Harriet Thorpe, Priyanga Burford, Catherine Steadman, Ryan Kiggell
Alexandre Singh
About the Director(s): 

Alexandre Singh is a Brooklyn based visual artist, born in Bordeaux, France, to Indian and French parents. He was brought up in Manchester, UK, before studying Fine Art at the University of Oxford, UK. Singh’s work is inspired by a love of imaginative storytelling. Encompassing such diverse practices as writing, collage, installation and performance, it often consists of absurdist fables. His work has been exhibited in venues throughout Europe and the United States, including the Solomon R. more