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Anonymous Animals

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US Premiere
Sunday, October 11, 2020 - 1:30am
Run Time: 
The balance of power between man and animal is reversed. In a remote countryside, any encounter with the dominant can become hostile. At the crossroads of fantastic and suspense kind, Anonymous Animals questions the place of animals in our societies.
Directed by: 
Baptiste Rouveure
Produced by: 
Anonymous Animals Films
Written by: 
Baptiste Rouveure
Main Cast: 
Thierry Marcos
Baptiste Rouveure
About the Director(s): 

In addition to commissioned films (clips and films promotionnal), Baptiste Rouveure continues his work in fiction, where movement and body language remain his preferred approach. His short films (HASCHISCHIN, AND THE WINNER IS, FUGITIVE TRANSIENTS, ALTERA) have been selected more than seventy times in international festivals and have won 10 awards.
ANONYMOUS ANIMALS is his first feature. The film, without words, at the crossroads of fantastic and suspense kind, questions the place of more