Unidentified | SCREAMFEST


Los Angeles Premiere
Run Time: 
When a passenger displays eccentric behavior on a plane, what's first assumed to be a hallucination reveals itself to be something beyond comprehension.
Directed by: 
Marc Van Holt
Produced by: 
Marc Van Holt
Executive Producer(s): 
Rachel Silveria
Written by: 
Clarissa Appelt
Main Cast: 
Ela Castillo Joseph Steven Jessica Troiani Dawn Matthews
Marc Van Holt
About the Director(s): 

Marc Van Holt is a visual storyteller based in Los Angeles, CA. He is an MFA student at the University of Southern California majoring in Film and Television Production with emphasis in Visual Effects. Marc is set to graduate in May 2021. During his first year at USC, he and some of his fellow Trojans created something memorable, exciting, and genuinely frightening called 'Unidentified'.