West Coast Premiere
Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 12:00pm
Run Time: 
United Kingdom
We follow a young photographer, an outcast simply known as Rain Catcher. New in town, he captures the haunting beauty of his new home: the notorious Barbican estate in London. Suddenly, Rain Catcher notices a sinister and mysterious man appearing in all his photographs. Blent-in with the crowd or sneaking from a distant window, this shady character is always staring intensely into camera. Who is this man? and what does he want from the young photographer? The journey to uncover this mystery will lead Rain Catcher to a mind-blowing truth. A discovery which will overturn his reality forever.
Directed by: 
Michele Fiascaris
Produced by: 
Filippo Polesel
Executive Producer(s): 
Edoardo Bussi, Michele Fiascaris, Filippo Polesel
Written by: 
Michele Fiascaris, Filippo Polesel
Main Cast: 
Dudley O'Shaughnessy Jo Hartley Marcus Taylor
Michele Fiascaris
About the Director(s): 

Michele is an award-winning writer director. A London Film Academy 2010 graduate, he has written and directed numerous short films, and the feature film “Fat Cat”.
His works have featured on publications such as EMPIRE Magazine and La Repubblica (Italy’s N.1 newspaper.)
His films have been selected and nominated in numerous Oscar-Qualifying and BAFTA-Qualifying festivals, including Sitges Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, Brussels Fantastic Film Festival, BIFAN...read more