The Party

Screens with She Never Died

Los Angeles Premiere
Friday, October 11, 2019 - 2:00am
Run Time: 
9 min
When a charming stranger invites her to a party, a shy woman's fear of socializing turns into real terror.
Directed by: 
Julianna Robinson
Produced by: 
Sean Kohnen and Julianna Robinson
Written by: 
Sean Kohnen and Julianna Robinson
Main Cast: 
Abby Eiland, Andreas Riter, Sara Patterson, Ewan Chung, Sara Mayer-Fried, Robert McAtee
Julianna Robinson
About the Director(s): 

Although she started out her college career as a pre-med student, Julianna auditioned for the prestigious BFA acting program at UCSB during her first year of school and as luck would have it, she got in. During a performance of a play in Santa Barbara, Julianna was “discovered” by director Martin Denning. He asked her to come and audition at Paramount Studios for their first ever CD Rom game of Star Trek. She booked the role and was able to get her SAG card, work side by side with the more