A Night at the Table | SCREAMFEST

A Night at the Table

Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 12:00pm
Run Time: 
10m 37s
United States
A mother prepares food for a seemingly normal family night dinner, but as the conversation between her and her kids grow more peculiar, tension mounts between the three, unveiling a lurking threat at the table.
Directed by: 
Tamara S. Hall
Produced by: 
A Flower in Fire Productions
Executive Producer(s): 
Tamara S. Hall, Joshua Jordan
Written by: 
Tamara S. Hall
Main Cast: 
Dierdra McDowell, Tamara S. Hall, David Alan Madrick, Keith Dorman
About the Director(s): 
Tamara is a NY-based actress, writer, and first-time filmmaker from Philadelphia, PA whose artistry spans theater, poetry, short fiction, and TV/film. A 2017 graduate of The William Esper Studio, which was listed as one of “The 25 Best Drama Schools in 2015” in the Hollywood Reporter, Tamara completed her studies in acting, movement, and voice & speech. Before becoming a filmmaker, Tamara has also worked in the TV business at renowned networks such as NBCUniversal, BET, and HBO. Tamara consider...read more