US Premiere
Run Time: 
9m 15s
A man comes round after a huge hangover. Everything is in its right place, his impressive house on the top of a cliff overlooking the sea, his 25 year old whisky in the safe, his revolver, recently used, in his trembling hand and the bodies of his wife and his brother-in-law lying on the white floor of the living room.Everything pints to him, a monster in his personal labyrinth who knows he is guilty of many things, who knows that sooner or later he will pay for them.What he does not yet know is how he will be punished.But he won’t take long in finding out.
Directed by: 
Greg A. Sebastian
Produced by: 
Written by: 
Daniel Díez Colinas
Main Cast: 
Ramón Langa / Hubert Ana Álvarez / Vera Magnolia Martínez / Juliet Pablo Pacheco / Cuñado/Brother in law Lourdes Moreno /Dora
About the Director(s): 

He studied film at the Center for Cinematographic Studies of Catalonia and the University of Valladolid, and graduated in Geography and History from the University of Alicante. After leaving the country of Neverland he started his own path as a professional directing advertisements, documentaries and music videos. While trying to figure out how to return to Neverland - where he should never have left - he spends his time telling stories with images and advertising for brands that sell dreams ...read more