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No Premiere
Run Time: 
Mikey’s older brother, Tommy, brings home a mysterious bootleg VHS tape of “the scariest movie ever made”. But what they expect to be a run-of-the-mill 80s slasher flick turns out to be something much more terrifying.
Directed by: 
Rich Ragsdale
Produced by: 
Kevin Ragsdale Veronica Radaelli Roger M. Mayer
Written by: 
Rich Ragsdale
Main Cast: 
Shane Almagor Kevin Ragsdale Mosh Will Abbott Grace Westlin
Rich Ragsdale
About the Director(s): 

Rich began his career as a composer, scoring some of television’s most popular sitcoms, including KING OF QUEENS, ACCORDING TO JIM, and WILL AND GRACE. He has also scored many features, commercials, and video games, notably the ALIENS VS PREDATOR series. Rich transitioned into directing in the mid-2000s. Recently, he directed the feature film GHOST HOUSE, which opened theatrically all over the world, and topped the weekend box office in a number of countries in SE Asia. After its limited more