World Premiere
Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 2:00pm
Run Time: 
15m 30s
Tono is continuously harassed by her mother, who is uncannily cruel and authoritarian. His obsession with a woman's voice recorded on cassette and his favorite doll will help him fight out of his mother's control.
Directed by: 
Carlos Salado
Produced by: 
K.O Company (Uniacords)
Executive Producer(s): 
Rubén Ferrández, Miguel Quintanilla, Narciso Ibañez, Alejandro Ibañez, Gonzalo de Castro
Written by: 
Carlos Salado
Main Cast: 
Miguel Ángel Puro, Elizabeth Sogorb
About the Director(s): 

Carlos Salado is a flmmaker and music composer that aims at revealing a bold and rulebreaking
vision to cinema in Spain. He is the author of the Criando Ratas (Breeding Rats)
movie, which has been claimed by the media and press as the XX of the neoquinqui genre
in Spain. The movie has appeared in more than 100 press and media releases and has
received over 2.7 million visits in Youtube.
Carlos holds a BA/MA in Media Communication and he has specialized in more