West Coast Premiere
Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 6:00pm
Run Time: 
3:00 Minutes
A Photographer captures the fleeting moments of a model in his studio. Between the camera flashes, time slips away and a dark secret is exposed. H'ilol, which means "seer" in the Mayan language of highland Mexico, is the Jury Grand Prize winner of the KODAK and ATLFS 2019 "100' of film competition" hosted in Atlanta, GA. The project was shot entirely on one 100' roll (3 minutes) of 16mm color film.
Directed by: 
Julian Scalia
Produced by: 
Julian Scalia & Molly Ebner
Written by: 
Julian Scalia & Molly Ebner
Main Cast: 
Maia Scalia & Eric West
About the Director(s): 

Working in the Film Industry as an Art Director, Julian has always had a desire to tell his own stories. A Los Angeles native he has followed the great film migration to his sweet sunny southern home of Atlanta. In Atlanta, he has managed to put together a talented group of professional working filmmakers from around the country, and abroad, who share his passion to tell unique stories. He has just finished his first award-winning super short film H'ilol. Shot entirely on Kodak 16mm film stoc...read more