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Glass Cabin

Screens with A Good Woman Is Hard To Find

World Premiere
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 2:00am
Run Time: 
United States
At a tennis retreat in upstate New York, Scarlett meets with David, a helper of the house that she rented. Scarlett is alone, and her phone doesn't have any reception. When she gets reception, her calls are unanswered. When David says, he needs to stay at the glass cabin Scarlett realizes she doesn't have anyone else besides herself to deal with this unexpected situation.
Directed by: 
Can Turedi
Produced by: 
Luca Marovici
Executive Producer(s): 
Maya Korn
Written by: 
Can Turedi
Main Cast: 
Revell Carpenter, Davíð Már Stefánsson
Can Turedi
About the Director(s): 
Can Türedi was born in Fethiye, Turkey. Growing on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey, he had a contemplative childhood. He studied Business Administration at Koc University in Turkey. In his college years, he started leaning towards cinematography, editing, video production, and photography. He directed music videos, short documentaries, and web commercials. His documentaries range from Istanbul's ghettos to Venice Beach's skateparks. Right now he is finishing Columbia University's MFA more