Countryside | SCREAMFEST


Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 8:00pm
Run Time: 
An old and dilapidated house in the countryside. A solitary and gloomy-looking man wandering around. A frail and angelic girl locked up in a room. A piece of human flesh forgotten near the well... That is what a young tramp will discorver beyond sacrifice...
Directed by: 
Pierre Mouchet
Produced by: 
Romain couture
Executive Producer(s): 
Romain couture, JC Savelli
Written by: 
Pierre Mouchet
Main Cast: 
David Clavel Coline D'Incà Charlie Mechiori
Pierre Mouchet
About the Director(s): 

Pierre Mouchet has been working in the french industry for over 25 years. He has always wanted to explore the horror genre, which he had done in his first short films during his early years. He then worked on several comedy sketches for television – which led him to collaborate with Jean Dujardin and Florence Foresti (France Télévision, Canal +) among others –, as well as on many different projects, whether institutional or mainstream. Eager to return to his first love, Pierre wrote this more