#chadgetstheaxe | SCREAMFEST


World Premiere
Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 4:00pm
Run Time: 
Join top ten vlogger, Chad Ryan, as he live streams his visit to the William Burrows murder cabin!
Directed by: 
Travis Bible
Produced by: 
Mike Nicholas, Patrick Reardon
Written by: 
Travis Bible
Main Cast: 
Spencer H. Levin Daniel L. Emmons
About the Director(s): 

Travis Bible graduated from University of Texas in Austin with a degree in film. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he writes and directs. His last film, Exit Strategy, played at the Tribeca Film Festival and currently has over a million views online. He's currently developing a feature version of #chadgetstheaxe and brain storming other uses for the prop cadaver he purchased for the short.