Carne Fresca (Fresh Meat) | SCREAMFEST

Carne Fresca (Fresh Meat)

World Premiere
Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 4:00pm
Run Time: 
Junior is a young and successful realtor. Addicted to hook up apps, he uses the vacant real estate he has access to for quick and anonymous sexual encounters. On a full moon night, Junior meets an attractive and mysterious man and what was meant to be just sex takes an unexpected turn.
Directed by: 
Marcus Neto
Produced by: 
Alcides Buba Júnior, Erick Ricco, Fernanda Salgado
Written by: 
Marcus Neto
Main Cast: 
Isaque Ribeiro, Lucas Franco
Marcus Neto
About the Director(s): 

Marcus Neto has been working as a director, screenwriter and producer since 2007. He graduated in 2010 at Centro Universitário Una in Belo Horizonte. He wrote the short films "The Door to Door Salesman" (2009) and "Princess" (2011). He works as a producer for cinema, TV and advertising. “Fresh Meat" (2019) was a project winner of a public production fund and marks his debut as a director. Marcus Neto is currently developing his first feature film.