Babykeeper | SCREAMFEST


World Premiere
Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 6:00pm
Run Time: 
28 minutes
One summer evening, Judith, a young student, goes to her babysitting, which she found through the BABYKEEPER application. Upon arriving, Judith meets the father of the little girl who’s already in bed. Once Judith finds herself alone, she heads out to the terrace for some fresh air. In the backdrop, the apartment lights go out. Now locked from the inside out, she will attempt almost everything in order to get back in ; that whilst slowly uncovering the chilling narrative she has gotten roped in...
Directed by: 
Antoine Devulder and Vincent L'Anthoen
Produced by: 
Executive Producer(s): 
Adrien Djerbetian
Written by: 
Antoine Devulder and Vincent L'Anthoen
Main Cast: 
Marie Cluzet, Alex Blanchard, Axel-Jazz Salmon
Vincent L'Anthoen (left) and Antoine Devulder (right)
About the Director(s): 

ANTOINE DEVULDER : Growing up on French Cinema of the 1930s, he wanted to study science and ended up choosing filmmaking. As a graduate of the École Polytechnique, he discovered his passion for cinema in student associations for which he directed many short films. At ENS Louis Lumière, he learned to brighten faces and film sets. Since 2018, he is bettering his craft in the production department of La Fémis.


VINCENT L'ANTHOEN : The name is Breton, the influences, American. more