Young Liars | SCREAMFEST

Young Liars

Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
United States
In hopes of breaking a lucrative story, a young journalist tests out an experimental psychic technology only to find himself trapped inside someone else's nightmare.
Directed by: 
Adam Christy
Produced by: 
Gilbere Forte
Executive Producer(s): 
Kevin Yorn, Jeremy Wineberg
Written by: 
Adam Christy
Main Cast: 
Brendan McGowan, Alissa Filoramo, Adam Christy

About the Director

Adam ChristyAdam Christy is a filmmaker and active member of the artist collective “Clarinet Marmalade”. After winning "Best Actor" and "Best Picture" for two of his films at AT&T's Nationwide Campus Moviefest in 2008, Adam relocated to Los Angeles to bring his projects to life. Since then Adam has written and directed several short films and specs for the large and small screen including two feature screenplays and one scripted series.

Kevin Yorn of Morris Yorn Law is Executive Producer on his latest project "Young Liars". Other artists aligned with Kevin include Scarlett Johanssen, Jordan Peele, Nick Cassavetes, Gaspar Noe and Martin Scorcese.